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Trade conseil for real estate sales

Advice and solutions for real estate sales

Do you wish to dispose of a hotel real estate business, or just give up one or several locations? Whether you are a hotel group, a franchise or an independent operator, any hotel transaction requires specialized skills to obtain the best possible deal. Trade Conseil, with more than 10 years of experience in Sofia Antipolis and the French Riviera, offers discretion and competence. Our expertise guarantees a successful hotel sale operation from start to finish, with peace of mind and in full compliance with legal and financial regulations.

Trade Conseil supports the sale of your hotel

Trade Conseil's multidisciplinary team of experts is highly experienced in hotel transactions, real estate investments and financial arrangements. Our advice is structured around the valuation of your property and the presentation of serious buyers. Of course, our support also includes taking into account your desired level of discretion.

A recognized player in the industry for many years, we have established a solid network of buyers. We will only put you in contact with buyers who meet your specific criteria. This is because our method of precision targeting allows us to speak the same language and to confidently find common ground.

Our commercial, legal and financial expertise allows us to provide you with professional support in estimating a fair selling price for your hotel, based on its assets and the market.

Successful hotel transactions with Trade Conseil

Because selling a hotel is a such an important transaction, it is essential to have adequate support in order to benefit from the professional experience gained from numerous projects of all sizes. Some of the many services we can offer you are: efficiently estimating the value of your property, finding potential buyers, analyzing purchase offers, reviewing the financing documents, securing the transaction procedure and advising you on the tax aspects of the sale of your hotel property or premises.

In addition, our vast expertise enables us to quickly identify potential stumbling blocks and offer you the right solutions for overcoming them.