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Trade conseil for real estate acquisition

Advice and solutions for buying real estate

Do you wish to invest in a hotel real estate business as an attractive investment? That's an excellent idea, but beware, getting a foothold in the real estate business is more than just choosing a geographic area and selecting a price range.

Conducting a successful hotel transaction involves, above all, setting up a project in an industry that operates according to its own rules. And experience has taught us that, in order to avoid the pitfalls of the trade, it is extremely important to be familiar with these rules.

Buying a hotel: support by Trade Conseil

Trade Conseil has a seasoned team of financial, technical and legal experts. Recognized as professionals for more than 10 years in the Sophia Antipolis area, we offer you qualified support for your hotel purchase project.

We can cover every step of the process with you:

  • market analysis,
  • in-depth study of the targeted asset(s) (actual value, profitability, operational audit, development potential, etc.),
  • financial arrangements,
  • initial negotiations and the final transaction.

We offer you our experience and expertise in collaboration with your own legal and tax advisors.

Our business portfolio in hotel buying

Whether you have already precisely identified the characteristics of the property you wish to purchase or whether you are in the early stages of your project, Trade Conseil helps you to quickly identify the hotels for sale within the parameters of your search.

You will have access to our selected portfolio of hotel properties and we will help you target those that meet all your criteria. Our portfolio is regularly enhanced with new opportunities.

Trade Conseil's advice and services and the skills of our support team are much more than just a catalog of properties. Buying hotels is our business. Entrust us with your hotel transaction project.